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Street Candy ATM400 Review by Sina Farhat

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Vincent sent me to try out two rolls of a film called “Street Candy ATM400“, a rebranded surveillance film meant for atm machines back in the day before digital took over the surveillance job.

It is a special film in that it is very thin compared to regular black and white 35mm film, that also makes it easy to damage when you are loading it into a reel when developing it, also it is not push friendly because of its thinness.

Thanks @_joka for the great visual !!

The look you get from the film is a contrasty result that doesn’t do well with strong highlights, even with my DSLR scanning method I couldn’t recover the highlights too much, this is, however, the charm of the film and should be included in the experience of using it

I shot the roll at ISO 400 and found that I got an underexposed result, it could also be that it is an extra contrasty film and that gave me the impression of the frames being underexposed.

I have one more roll to play with and I will try it at iso 200 to see what kind of result I get!

To develop this roll of Street Candy ATM400, I used T-Max Developer at 6.5 minutes when processing the film and it looked great when it came out of the Paterson tank.

The film is also very straight and dries fast making it easy scan.

After scanning my frames I concluded that it is a special film that requires you to consider the subject as the highlights can be very bright and unrecoverable with an extra contrasty look!

The grain reminds me of an ISO 800 or higher film so if you don’t like grain this film isn’t for you!

Feel free to visit this Flickr link and look at all the photos and judge for yourself if it is a film for you, I used my DSLR to scan the film so that the true look of the grain is visible

In the end, I really enjoyed my Street Candy ATM400 experience and liked the unexpected look I got from it!

Thank you, Vincent, for sending me the rolls!

Ps. take the time and check out Vincent’s article+video for more into on the film!

~ Sina Farhat

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I am a freelance photographer that enjoys challenges and discovering my world in photos! I teach photograpy and in my spare time I enjoy analog photography. You can find more about his analog experiments on his Website, Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

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