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About Us

Street Candy Film was founded in 2017, from the lucky encounter of passionate actors of the Film Photography Industry.


Driven by the motivation of playing a small role in the continuation of Film Photography (and probably by excessive fixer inhalation) I took a chance when the opportunity came to bring something new to the Film Community.

What started as a hobby on my mother’s lounge with very limited production and distribution, has now become a family-run business and a popular film that has traveled across all five continents, chosen by thousands of photographers to capture their creativity.

In 2020, Street Candy Film also became the first company to offer an alternative to plastic Film containers by using Eco-Friendly recycled cardboard tubes for our ATM400. 

Motivated by the tremendous support received from the Film Community, we were able to take another step forward in 2021 with the launch of our second film: Street Candy MTN100.

Vincent Moschetti

Street Candy Film founder

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