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6 Ways Film Companies Can Step Up Like Street Candy

It’s a battle to love analog film while also desiring to decrease our carbon footprint on the earth. It’s true that world of film can be tough on the environment. Disposable cameras, plastic film canisters, batteries, film rolls, and darkroom chemicals all are still non-recyclable for the most part. However, some film companies are making strides to make film more sustainable in an ever-changing world. Street Candy is making a step in the right direction with brand new eco-friendly packaging!

Instead of the traditional plastic casing, the film roll is now encased in a recyclable cardboard box, and all writing on the box is created with soy ink. This is definitely a major step in the right direction and we are hoping that more film companies step up and come up with new ways to make all components easier on Mother Earth.

Here are six ideas that the film industry can use to make their products more sustainable for the consumers if they happened to read this blog post.

  1. Plastic containers– the recyclable packaging that Street Candy created is a great idea. Also, there are so many different ways to reuse them for small storage like earrings, coins, AirPods, or green tings.

  2. Batteries– Create a rechargeable component so that batteries can continue their shelf life in the camera.

  3. Disposable cameras-We love them but it would a great idea to make a finite amount of reloadable ones that are launched with exclusive designs. The artistic design of the camera itself can start its own niche community, and different launches will entice the film collectors and keep things interesting for the traditional consumer. The one-use camera should be a thing of the past because there are so many different layers of plastic involved in creating them. Make them last!

  4. Negatives-This situation ultimately lies with the consumer. PICK UP YOUR NEGATIVES! It’s such a shame to send photography to a landfill. Keep your art in a binder and sleeves

  5. Empty Film Rolls-We currently recycle these into keychains! However, film companies should accept them from photography stores like us to reuse.

  6. Darkroom Chemicals-Eco Pro is currently the headliner of creating chemicals that are completely free of carcinogens and non-biodegradable compounds. Currently, they produce products for Black and White film only, but here’s hoping they create options for color processing soon!

Here are some images of Street Candy in action, comment below if you love to shoot with this film, for the chance to showcase your photography here!

Original article written by Rodra Burruss and published here

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