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Introducing STREET CANDY MTN100

Three years after introducing ATM400, we are delighted to present our newfilm:


MTN100 is a 100 ISO black & white panchromatic emulsion that will bring

the magic touch of silver screens right to your 35mm camera. With very fine grain, superb sharpness and rich tonalities, MTN100 is all set to become the next film you’ll fall in love with 💘

Street Candy MTN100 - Contax T3 sample image
Street Candy MTN100 - Contax T3

The Essence of B&W Cine Film in 35mm

Coming from a German manufacturer with a century long tradition in motion picture film, MTN100 will bring a unique character and elegance to your still black & white images.

From Portraits, Street Photography, Landscape or many more... MTN 100 will be your ally to explore any photographic style and give a stunning cinematic touch to your images.

With MTN100 you can expect:

- Striking contrast

- Cinematic look

- Sharpness and rich details

- Delicate grain

- Versatility


- 100 ISO

- 36 Exposures

- Push/Pull up to 2 stops

- Suitable for reversal processing

- Recycled Cartridge - No DX code

The Conscious Film

Driven by the goal of making film photography a little less hurtful for the environment, and leave a better planet to the next generations, Street Candy MTN100 also comes in our community acclaimed recycled cardboard boxwith soy-based dyes.

This is also true for the recycled film canisters we use to spool all our films thatcome from the films processed by our partner lab Nation Photo.

We are also trying to remove as much single-use plastic as possible from our packaging and shipping materials.

Processing MTN100

Street Candy MTN100 can be processed as any B&W negative film following the development chart available on our FAQ.

As a motion picture film, it can also be processed as positive film using reversal processing to create stunning B&W slides.


UPDATE: MTN100 is NOW IN STOCK & available from most of our resellers worldwide.

Pre-orders are open on our website but stock is already limited thanks to the incredible support received during our pre-launch campaign. As I’m writing those lines, we have less than 250 left from our first batch.

It will be available soon from your favorite shops across the US, at Nation Photo(FR) & Analogue Wonderland (UK).

Estimated shipping is now expected to be around end-March and we’re already working on our next batch.

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