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Made from a security surveillance film initially used in ATM cameras to capture the beauty of frustrated people releasing their anger on the machines, ATM400 has now been repurposed to be used in 35mm film cameras and found a more noble purpose in life.


Street Candy ATM400 is a panchromatic black & white negative film with a captivating contrast that street photographers will adore. It’s rich gray tonality will also be an ally to explore any other styles of photography.

Exposing ATM400


ATM 400 has a wide spectrum that can capture almost all the visible light and comes close to IR film sensitivity which is . In daylight condition it’s meant to be shot at 400 ISO but can be pushed one stop and still retain shadow details. But if you’re willing to trade some of these shadow details for a high contrast look, you can go up to 1600 ISO.


When shooting under artificial tungsten light it’s recommend to rate it at 320 ISO.

Processing ATM400


If you’re home developing, Street Candy ATM400 processing times and developers are available in our FAQ. If you’re developer is not listed, we usually suggest to use the Ilford HP5 development chart as a starting base.


If you’re handing your film to a lab, we recommend advising the lab that we used recycled film cassettes as this may affect their processing equipments.




You already have plenty of empty plastic canisters laying around and feel concerned about the ecological impact caused by your passion for Film Photography ? WE FEEL THE SAME and that’s why we came up with an alternative option to the standard plastic film canisters.

Save the planet one roll at the time and shoot the first film with an ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING!


Out of Stock


    • ISO 400 Black & White Film
    • High Contrast
    • Rich Grayscale Tonality
    • 36 Exposures 
    • Recycled Film Cassette
    • Eco-Friendly Paper Canister

    A fresh new batch of ATM400 is currently being made and should be ready to ship later this summer around August 

  • Packaging Design

    Packaging Design may change until final release but will still come in a recycled cardboard container that we love so much!

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