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At STREET CANDY we love Film Photography, but above all, we deeply care about Nature. 


It's no secret that each roll of film generates a non negligible amount of waste. Between manufacturing, processing, printing AND packaging there's a lot chemicals and raw materials involved in the chain to transform silver into prints. 


While we may not be able to revolutionise the Film industry, packaging seemed like the first action we could take to reduce the footprint of our activities.


After thousands of plastic film boxes passing through our hands, we've decided that it was time to try something new and offer an eco-friendly alternative packaging to think-alike film photographers.


Launched in 2020, our recycled cardboard packaging, with soy based dyes, has been the proof that the Film Community shares the same vision than we do!


Every click on the shutter when shooting STREET CANDY is a small gesture for the environment. Making these changes may have not been the easiest way, but at least it feels like the right way to us.   

Dear Community, THANK YOU. We are delighted to share the results of your global actions in numbers!


Pictures shot on our films since we launched.

This is just mind-blowing! 


Kilos of repurposed canisters that got a second life with our films


Rubber ducks worth of plastic saved since we launched our recycled paper packaging


Plastic free packaging and shipping materials. Hey the 1%, we're coming for you!

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